How To Draw a Chameleon


In this drawing lesson we’ll show you how to draw a Chameleon in 9 easy steps. This step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Chameleon.

Here are some interesting facts about the Chameleon you might find interesting.

  1. Chameleons are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards.
  2. There are around 160 species of Chameleons.
  3. They vary in size, from 3.3 cm to 68.5 cm.
  4. Chameleons have very long tongues (sometimes longer than their own body length) which they are capable of rapidly extending out of the mouth.
  5. Chameleons prefer running water to still water.

Here are the Step by Step instructions on how to sketch this Chameleon in 9 steps.

Step 1: Begin by sketching the head.

Step 2: Continue working on the head section.

Step 3: Begin to lightly sketch the body section.

Step 4: Add some body details.

Step 5: Draw the outline of the tail and lower jaw.

Step 6: Draw the feet and hands.

Step 7: Draw the outline of the eye and add a branch in the background.

Step 8: Add some body and tail details.

Step 9: Final step

Here’s a short 20 second illustration video to show you how to draw another version of a Chameleon.