How To Draw an Angelfish


In this Lesson we’re going to show you how to draw an Angelfish step by step. Actually we will show you how to draw this fish in 6 easy steps.

Some interesting facts about the Angel fish that you might not of known are:

  1. They can grow up to 15 cm.
  2. The Angel Fish are originally from the Amazon River in South America.
  3. They have a flatish body.
  4. Their nature is to attract attention when someone is nearby or when it is time for food.
  5. The Angel Fish are of various varieties – Silver, Zebra, Black Lace, Black, Half Black, Veiltail, Marble, Golden, Blushing and Pearl Scale.

Step 1:  Begin by drawing the lips and the front of the Angel Fish

Step 1: How To Draw an Angelfish

Step 2: Draw the upper and lower body

Step 3: Add the tail

Step 4: Sketch the upper and lower fins

Step 5: Add the eyes and small details

Step 6: The Final step to drawing the Angelfish, Draw the stripes and add some small details to finish the Angelfish.

Here’s a quick video on how to draw an Angel Fish if you prefer to watch Videos